FORMiT is a project for designers, makers and educators. It is an open source recycling tool for creating 3D objects from recycled paper pulp.

The FORMiT tool is an attachment for a wet & dry vacuum, it works by drawing water and pulped paper through a porous mould binding the paper fibers together, the paper is then removed from the mould to provide a 3D object. The process is similar to the one used in industry to make egg boxes.

Paper is an easily recycled and versatile material which is one of the inspiring factors for this project. We hope makers and designers adopt the ideas and processes from this project, to start experimenting with this material themselves.

Recent worries over the harm of single use products and their damaging effects to the environment, has highlighted the lack of education around sustainable issues. FORMiT offers a resource for educators to use for creating a hands on learning opportunity. The tool provides an opportunity for pupils to see the process of recycling existing materials into new objects, with almost instant results.